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Dachex Corporation Pte Ltd


Orchard PO BOX 014 Singapore 912301 Singapore

Phone: +6593367266

Mobile: +6593367266

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Other information

Other information:

OURMANIN.ASIA is a bespoke consulting and representative service offered out of Singapore to help foreign companies into the media and other markets. Lead by Our Chief Man in Asia, Alexander Knight, who has over 20 years experience in the region, we can help you whether it be from setting up a company in Asia, having a local director, doing market entrance feasibility studies, or representing your products through meeting with potential clients and business partners.

Before you open your office in Asia, start the right way by talking to a man in Asia begin hope you get all the background set up and running smoothly before you're ready to take the next step by opening your own office . And if you decide to representation is all you need we are happy to continue doing that for you. It can be expensive and time-consuming to do business development in Asia, if you are having to travel from far afield such as Australia Europe or the United States. Before committing energy and resources into your Asian business development, talk to our man in Asia first and see how we can help smooth the path for you.

Contact us at or by phone at +65 9336 7266 OURMANIN.ASIA is a trading name of Dachex Corporation Pte Ltd.